Node.js and Mobile News Round-up - August 20, 2013

Welcome to this week’s summary of the week in Node.js and Mobile news covering August 13 through August 20. Every week this time we will look at some of the Node.js-related news, tutorials and commentaries we’ve seen online.

How to Apply Messaging to Cloud Apps with RabbitMQ, Node.js, Redis, and More

Adam Bloom gives you the rundown on putting messaging into your cloud apps.

Intro to MongoDB on Node.js

Ryan Jarvinen plays good host by introducing you to MongoDB on Node.js.

Popular Website Runs on Node.js

A look at how the video and meme site updated its code.

Taking Toddler Steps with Node.js – The Towering Inferno Revisited

Jan Van Ryswyck ponders async, waterfall and promises.

Microcontrollers and Node.js, naturally

Hack a Day investigates a “very cool dev board designed by be an Internet-connected JavaScript running prototyping device.”

Total global Google based search interest in Node.js has caught up to total search interest in Hadoop

A look at Google trending comparing Hadoop and Node.js.

Callbacks as Our Generation’s Go To Statement

Miguel de Icaza ponders callback-based programming as a acceptable programming model.

Streams in Node.js

Joyent shares Isaac Schlueter’s talk from their “A Midsummer Night’s System” meetup.

Learn You the Node.js

Rod Vagg gives his thoughts on CampJS now that it has wrapped up.

Node.js Basics 2013 Edition

Presentation and sample code for Node.js fundamentals for Ohana.js and HI Capacity.

The Future of Programming in Node.js

Isaac Schlueter kicks off a discussion about where  Node.js is going.

What’s Next?