The NodeFly APM Service Has Been Acquired by StrongLoop

We are pleased to announce that StrongLoop has acquired NodeFly’s Node.js monitoring solution. StrongLoop has emerged as a tremendous supporter of the Node community since its inception a short few months ago. As we all know Ben Noordhuis and Bert Belder are the biggest code contributors to Node, but it was the StrongLoop vision for the community and the enterprise that sold us wholeheartedly - see it represented in this video. As a leader in all things Node.js ourselves, we believe StrongLoop is well positioned to take the NodeFly service to the next level!

What’s Changing?

  • The NodeFly service has been rebranded as StrongOps, to better match the naming scheme of StrongLoop’s other products.
  • Behind the scenes, the NodeFly npm module has been renamed to “strong-agent”.
  • The agent is now baked into StrongLoop’s distribution of Node.js. So, if you are running their distro, it just takes a single command to enable it.
  • You’ll also see the registration and dashboard move to the StrongLoop site over the next month or so.
  • In the future, you’ll be able to take full advantage of seamless integration between StrongLoop Node and StrongOps. For example, the ability to leverage the enhancements StrongLoop has made to the node-inspector module, so you can perform debugging drill downs on Node processes being monitored by StrongOps.

Other than that, little will change in terms of the current service in the short term. In fact today we are pleased to announce a few updates…

Clustered Application Data

We are now aggregating the data for all the processes in your applications. No more sifting through an endless process list. You’ll see the aggregated statistics for all processes in the dashboard, with the continued ability to drill down to an individual processes using the filters on the left.


CPU Profiler

The profiler dashboard now provides an easy way to get detailed CPU data for an individual process.


Native EventLoop Statistics

Our event loop statistics are now more accurate than ever! We chart the average time taken by the eventloop and the slowest eventloop for that minute.

What Stays the Same?

The NodeFly team will continue to develop the NodeFly service as usual. Over the long haul, our mission remains unchanged. We will continue to build the best full service Node.js monitoring and management console in the industry. We believe this will complement many of the amazing products that Strongloop is developing.

In fact, they’ve just released a new version of their distribution, StrongLoop Node with tons of cool features like advanced debugging, clustering and support for on-premise npm registries. You can read more about these new features in their StrongLoop Node 1.1 announcement blog. StrongLoop has created an incredible momentum in a short period of time and we look forward to taking these next steps with an incredible new partner!

What’s Next?

Sign up for the webinar, “Node.js Deep Dive: Debugging and Clustering Applications - Presented by StrongLoop”