NodeFly Brings You AppView to Monitor Your Node.js

“What’s this?” you may be thinking as you checked out your Node.js product performance via the NodeFly agent. “My NodeFly dashboard looks different!”

Yes, yes it does! The NodeFly team has rolled out the first version of our AppView. We see this progression as a response to the growth of Node.js and our users’ need for detailed metrics.

As Node.js programming continues to mature, it has become more and more powerful. For example, you can overcome single thread limitations by using cluster modules to move from single thread activity to multiple processes. This is a fantastic way to deal with the challenges that multi-core systems may throw at you. But of course, you want to have visibility for all of this.

Hence AppView. Our dashboard will now show all your processes clustered under one app name. That means if you had a drop down showing you the 200 processes you scaled up, those will now show as one app on the dashboard with aggregate stats.


We know per-process data is important to you as well. That’s why we’re busy putting together some great stuff for you to drill-down to per-process data. Of course, we will provide updates as we have them.

We are also revising the Alerts system in view of the changes we’re making. We want it to address the real operational issues people face and work with both the AppView and the per-process views. This means that the Alerts system will be unavailable while we working on it. We’ll advise our users when Alerts are back up and running.

Ready to try AppView out? Then log into our dashboard at the usual place:

As always, shoot any questions to and let us know what you think!