News: Second Annual Node Summit to Take Place December 3-4

BroadwayWorld announced the Second Annual Node summit today via the Geek section of their website, but it is safe to say not more than just geeks should be curious. Given the way Node.js is growing in prominence in the business world, industry leaders would be well advised to have this one on their radar.

The press release states:

“Node Summit, the only conference focused on how Node.js is transforming the future of computing, today announced that its second annual conference will take place December 3-4, 2013 in San Francisco at the Mission Bay Conference Center. Launched in 2012 to bring together Node.js experts, enthusiasts and developers, this year’s Node Summit seeks to engage the community in a discussion of the dynamic runtime’s place at the center of the growing web ecosystem.”

Key Topics covered in discussions, panels and presentations will include Big Data, Internet of Things, Node at the Center of the Cloud, the Web Development Ecosystem, Where’s the Money, and the Future of Node.

Featured Speakers will include Ben Galbraith (Vice President, Global Products,, Scott Guthrie (Corporate Vice President, Microsoft), Vish Nandlall (CTO, Ericsson North America), Brendan Eich (CTO, Mozilla) and Steve Pawlowski (Senior Fellow, Intel).

For the full details, click on over to the BroadwayWorld article.