NodeFly and StrongLoop Partner to Help the Enterprise take Node.js to Production

Node.js has proven that it is in the big leagues. It has been adopted by big brands to run important parts of their business. Walmart, Linkedin and eBay are among these companies, but you can check out this list for a more in-depth look at the companies currently using Node.js.

Want to achieve the success with Node.js as these companies? You will need to ensure that you have a plethora of tools to help things run smoothly and to keep your users happy. Here’s an example of what you’ll need to consider before rolling into production. (Of course, they can be ignored at your own peril!)

  • Monitoring, alerts and notifications
  • Technical support
  • Debugging
  • Log management
  • High availability and clustering
  • Performance tuning
  • Capacity planning
  • Change management

As you ponder these elements, you will also need to decide whether or not you should develop your own tools or look to the Node.js ecosystem for software or services. This means more big questions to consider as you weigh the “build vs buy” benefits:

  • Does an in-house tool give me a competitive advantage?
  • Over the long-term, will we be able to continue to allocate time and budget to the maintenance of this tool?
  • If the developer of the tool leaves, can we continue to maintain it without undue pain?
  • Does this tool help me focus on application features and user experience or does it take away from it?
  • Are we building it because we can, or because we need to?

Unless you have very specific needs, it almost always makes sense to try and integrate something “off the shelf” than to try and build and maintain your own tools.

For example, you could invest your development resources on building out a monitoring solution or you could just use the NodeFly dashboard. You can make similar choices when it comes to hosting by considering solutions that offer higher degrees of platform automation like Red Hat’s OpenShift, Nodejitsu or Joyent. Same goes with clustering, debugging, technical support and bug fixes. You could try and sort out problems yourself by looking to the community mailing lists or for solutions or you could get advanced tooling, immediate help and bug fixes for Node.js from a company like StrongLoop. It all boils down to where you want to invest your time and energy, features and user experience or developing and maintaining tools.

Today, NodeFly and StrongLoop are announcing that they have partnered up to help Enterprises bring Node.js applications to production with a complementary set of tools for monitoring, alerts, notifications, debugging, clustering, testing and of course technical support.

NodeFly offers real-time application performance monitoring for Node.js’ Heap, Event Loop, Connections and more. This includes understanding system usage at every moment in time to uncover and resolve issues within the application as they arise. NodeFly gives you great visibility into your application, a simple, low-overhead agent install and a free sign up to boot! NodeFly’s other features include:

  • Fast Set Up with either with a couple lines of code or a NPM install.
  • Unified Dashboard provides a real-time visual representation of your metrics.
  • Capacity Utililization gives you real-time insight into capacity utilization and instantly see how changing usage affects performance.
  • Optimization gives visibility of what your app is talking to and what could be slowing it down so you can improve how your app functions.
  • Support for numerous cloud platforms + physical hardware.
  • Multiple Accounts allows you to add subusers to monitor your product.
  • NodeFly is consistently adding and refining features to do the monitoring so Node.js developers can focus on building.


StrongLoop offers technical support in every phase of your application lifecycle with problem diagnosis and best practice, API debugging, bug fixes, security patches and clustering.  StrongLoop also maintains StrongLoop Node, a tested and supportable distribution of Node.js suitable for use in production. StrongLoop Node includes a supported distribution of Node and npm, a core set of modules including Express, Connect, Passport, Mongoose and more. The evolution of StrongLoop Node is ongoing and new capabilities are released regularly. You can download StrongLoop Node for free here.

If you are at GlueCon this week, StrongLoop and NodeFly are sharing a booth. Come by to talk with us about all things Node.js and pick up free copy of Manning Publication’s “Node in Action” plus a NodeFly shirt when you sign up.

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