Why You Should Develop with Node.js and Monitor Your Product with NodeFly

When you are developing your product, choosing the right foundation to build upon is critical. At just over four years old, Node.js is a younger option, but the Node community has been staggeringly productive in creating new tools and packages to make it a strong foundation for your product and your success.

Each programming language is better suited for certain projects, and Node.js is no different in this regard. If you are interested in CPU-intensive activity (image or video editing, for example), you will be better served going with another option than Node.js. But for many other areas Node.js is your go-to option.

  • Thanks to its asynchronous, non-blocking IO, Node.js excels when working with event streams. Based on JavaScript and running on Google’s V8 Engine, Node.js is also known for being highly scalable and suiting real-time applications.
  • Applications or web sites that focus on chat, transactions or games are highly suited for Node.js since it is able to use fewer server resources and scale as needed.
  • Event-driven programming and Node.js programming go together like chocolate and peanut butter. The Event Loop handles traffic efficiently so you can maximize your resources. A single server may be able to effectively balance thousands of open connections at a time.
  • If your goal is to running concurrent applications, the non-blocking IO model of Node.js will help keep you in real-time.
  • Will your product use databases? Node.js is well suited to both read and write to databases.
  • Are you developing a mobile app? Node.js is a superhero when it comes to talking to third-party APIs and databases.
  • Finally, as all of the above suggests, Node.js is especially aligned for mobile web applications.

Why NodeFly?

Hopefully by now you see the possibilities of Node.js and are on board. So your next step should be to make monitoring your Node.js product second nature. Why? Because you cannot manage what you can’t see.

Monitoring your Node.js product provides visibility to understand what’s happening. This in turn allows you to uncover and resolve issues as they arise and adjust your product. Simply watch your screens and alerts, then read and react to them. Your app gets a performance evaluation that provides the opportunity to improve your product.

Node.js has positioned itself well to take on the challenges of building robust web sites, mobile apps and products, and we are confident in saying you should use it for your own product. Develop with Node.js to make the most of your code – and use NodeFly to monitor and make the most of your product.