Building a Better Nodefly, Revisited: Rapid Expansion and Related Hiccups

Earlier this month, we provided some details about building a better NodeFly and upgrades to the NodeFly systems. We moved to a collection of virtual machines, implemented load balancers, and refined our updating methodology. All of these things set us up nicely for user growth. The growth came, and the rapid expansion brought on a new set of hiccups. Maybe it was Skynet’s fault, maybe not.


Regular users have doubtlessly noticed that we’ve had a few site issues over the past couple of days. NodeFly has experienced some DNS issues as well as deployment issues, resulting in our site being unstable or inaccessible for a few hours during the weekend and a couple of hours today.  The NodeFly team is dedicated to improving the systems and has been quick to react to resolve the issues.  We have addressed the issues and are working to prevent similar ones, but we know our challenges impacted our users.

We apologize for the downtime and the impact it may have had on your data.  Our goal, of course, is to be stable and reliable online so that you are able to monitor and profile your Node.js product from the start and on an ongoing basis. We are continuing to focus on creating as solid a foundation as we can so you can do so.

If you have suggestions to help us make our agent even better, please email them to and we will be happy to read your input.  We appreciate your understanding and patience as we continue to build a better NodeFly.